How A Smart Phone Can Be Incorporated Into Documenting Your Car Accident

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If you in a car accident involving another vehicle, then you should be aware of how to handle the incident. Many drivers know the basics about not admitting fault and filing a police report; unfortunately, too many drivers fail to create their own record of the event. This can be limiting when filing claims and attempting to obtain compensation for damage and injuries. However, in the age of the smart phone, almost everyone has the ability to take pictures and record audio with their device. Below are some practical tips on how you can use your cell phone along with taking handwritten notes to produce useful accident documentation:

Why personally documenting an accident is important

The facts regarding an accident may seem clear to you at the time, but human memory can be fleeting, particularly after stressful events such as a wreck. There are a couple of major benefits obtained by creating a written and visual record, including

What to put on paper and what to photograph

When documenting an accident, below are several specific bits of information you should gather. While below is not a comprehensive list, it does include some important information that can be particularly helpful for your personal documentation file:

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