A Truck Accident Lawyer Has The A-Team You Need To Prove Your Claim

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Do you feel like it's going to be impossible to prove that the truck driver who hit you--changing your life forever--was distracted at the time of the accident? Maybe you smelled alcohol on his/her breath at the scene, but no one seems to have followed up on your statement about that to the police. Was it possible the driver was fatigued or just not paying attention? If you've had any interactions with the trucking company's insurance lawyers, you know they are never going to admit the driver's responsibility. In fact, they may even point the finger at you and say that the accident was your fault. How do you get the evidence you're sure is there to prove the truck driver's liability? You hire an experienced truck accident attorney with a solid repertoire of investigative techniques.

You can't do it alone

Maybe you initially thought it was a good idea to bypass an attorney for your claim against the trucking company. After all, the case seemed cut and dry: The truck driver was undeniably to blame, and you deserve compensation for your injuries. However, insurance companies have an agenda: to keep as much of their policyholders' premiums as possible. They have no compassionate interest in making things right with you and have a team of attorneys on retainer that finds loopholes in their liability. You need to hire a truck accident attorney who is not only familiar with trucking company tactics but has a few up their sleeve as well.

Common investigative methods

Once you hire a lawyer, you gain tremendous advantage for your case. Most importantly, your attorney will communicate with the insurance company's lawyers so that you don't have to face them anymore. The lawyer you hire will also have a team of investigators that will gather the evidence needed to win your case. Some of the most common investigative methods used include:

As you can see, trying to take on the trucking company's legal team on your own is likely to be unsuccessful. With an experienced attorney on your side and a professional investigative team tracking down the evidence that will prove your case, you stand a far better chance of winning your settlement. Don't settle for less--insist on the best. 

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