4 Types of Reimbursements to Consider in Workers Comp Cases for Graphic Designers

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Getting injured on the job can dramatically change your life. Luckily, instead of losing out on your weekly paycheck, many employers have workers compensation. Along with receiving compensation for missed work time while injured, there are many other types of costs that can be included in a workers compensation case. These costs may vary through specific industries.

If you're a graphic designer that was injured on the job, there are four specific types of reimbursements that you may seek through a workers comp case. By figuring out these costs and working with an attorney, you can ensure that your case is properly represented and you receive the compensation that is deserved.

Physical Therapy

When working as a graphic designer, it's important to use your arms and hands for a lot of designing process. On the base level, this could mean drawing, painting, or creating storyboards for various project ideas. Through more advanced stages, it can include using tablets and styluses on a daily basis. If you're been injured in the arms or hands, you may need to attend physical therapy sessions to help regain strength and the fine motor movements that you once had. These sessions may be covered through a workers compensation agreement. Laws vary by state, but an attorney can look into the fine details and help get you the full compensation for your medical needs.

Graphic Design Training Courses

Dealing with a serious or extended injury could eventually lead to a loss of your skills or knowledge for the industry. Missing so much time from work may cause you to struggle when you're ready to return to the job. Instead of coming back to work with these fears and anxieties, you can prepare yourself for various jobs and projects with graphic design training courses.

The workers compensation system was set up to fully prepare employees for changes in the industry and proper work-related training. This means that you will often be covered when taking courses to learn about different areas in graphic design. This can be just basic refresher courses or more advanced courses to help catch you up to speed to the industry as a whole. An attorney can help figure out all of your costs related to the courses and get you full compensation for these costs.

Job Search & Application Processes

While you may be getting paid during your time spent on workers compensation, your exact position within the company may no longer be there. Graphic design is a fast-moving business and there are often other positions you can seek. To help prepare you for the job search process, there are many services that you can use and receive compensation for. For example, you can have professional help when putting together resumes and cover letters. The costs for these services can be covered through your workers compensation agreement. The reimbursement can help cover both careers within the same company or if you're seeking new employment with other companies. Job search costs can quickly add up, so it's important to include all of these costs as part of your workers compensation.

Adaptive Computer Equipment

The extent of your injuries may dramatically change the way you perform your job for a limited amount of time. As you continue to heal, you may need to purchase adaptive computer equipment to help through everyday job functions. For example, if you injured your back in a slip and fall incident, you may need to purchase a special computer chair that offers proper back support. Special computer tools like adaptive mice or keyboards may be needed to accommodate limited motion or hand movements. Multiple types of adaptive equipment like this should be covered through workers compensation reimbursement. An attorney can help you get full reimbursement by using receipts and estimates on costs for future pieces of equipment that may be needed.

Workers compensation cases can get complicated. By working with an attorney, you can ensure that a majority of your costs are covered and you can return to a graphic design career with the proper resources and training. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Shaw Leslie Law Office .