3 Misconceptions About Pursuing Auto Accident Lawsuits

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If you have been involved in an auto accident, you may be unsure of what steps you should be taking to protect yourself from the financial ramifications that can arise due to an auto accident. There are several common pieces of misinformation that can lead individuals to make poor or misinformed choices throughout the process.

Myth: Auto Accident Lawsuits Are Only Worth Pursuing If You Experience Major Injuries

A particularly common piece of misinformation that people may assume about auto accidents is that these events are only worth pursuing a lawsuit when the accident resulted in serious medical injuries. While accidents that involve serious accidents can have much higher verdicts, it is not necessary for an accident to involve major accidents to be worth pursuing. For example, it is possible for these accidents to result in major property damages due to damages to your car or other possessions. Prior to deciding against pursuing a lawsuit in these matters, you should consult with an experienced legal professional that will be able to ascertain the full scope and strength of your potential case.

Myth: Auto Accident Lawsuits Will Only Be Directed At The Other Driver

While it is common for the other driver to be the defendant in an auto accident lawsuit, there may be instances where other parties are also or exclusively named in these lawsuits. A common example of this can be when the actions of a different driver than the one that collided with you caused the chain of events that led to your accident. Another potential instances where this may be the case is when the accident was caused by the local roads being inadequately maintained. Lastly, it can also be common for a lawsuit to be levied against the insurance company due to it failing to honor its fiduciary obligations.

Myth: Your Lawsuit Will Have To Be Filed Immediately After The Accident

While it is important to act quickly in your response to the legal issues surrounding the auto accident, you may assume that the lawsuit will have to be filed immediately. If you assume that this is the case, you may be surprised to learn that the attorney may want to wait until your injuries have fully healed before filing the lawsuit. Waiting to file until the injuries have fully healed is important for ensuring that the full scope of the damages are claimed in the filing. Due to the importance of balancing the need to file these lawsuits quickly as well as waiting for the full scope of the costs to be discovered, you should schedule an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible as this will provide the attorney with the greatest degree of freedom when representing you in these matters.

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