Stop! Don't File That Suit Just Yet

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When you get injured, the first thing that might pop into your head is "sue them", but what if you learned that there are better ways to get compensated? It might not be necessary to go through the hassle, expense and time needed to take the case all the way to the courtroom, so read on to find out about about a couple of ways that will get you paid in no time.

Make your demands known: To get compensated, you must let the other side know how they have wronged you and what you expect as a result. This can be easily accomplished with a letter, known as a demand letter. This missive will explain all the ways you have been harmed by the careless actions of a driver, store owner, or other bad actor. Additionally, the letter will let the other side in on what they may be facing if they do not deliver your demands, which is a list of all evidence you intend to present. This can be a list of witnesses, photographs, videos, police and accident reports, and more. The main objective is to allow the other side time to evaluate the situation and to then offer you an adequate settlement amount. At the very least, it will open the door up to negotiations. Speaking of negotiations, your personal injury attorney will be the best one to handle this letter and those all-important talks to get you the money you deserve.

File a report: For those injured in a business setting, such as retail store, a gym or a restaurant, there may be other good options available that can cut your quest for compensation short. Most legitimate businesses invest in insurance that will cover patrons or customers who get injured on their premises, and often there is no need to take the case to court. Be sure to take the following steps to ensure that you get the payout you deserve:

1. Report the injury right away to the manager on duty.

2. Ensure that an accident report is properly filled out.

3. Try to photograph (or send a friend back to do so) the problem area as soon as possible, such as uneven flooring, wet floors, etc.

4. Seek medical attention immediately and have photos taken of your injuries.

5. Try to obtain video of your accident.

If your complaints seem to be be falling on deaf ears, seek the help of an attorney from a place like Putnam Lieb Potvin to get the ball rolling towards compensation.