Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

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Riding on an empty road on a cool motorcycle is something you may have anticipated happily for years, and when you get a new bike you may be eager to find roads to coast on. You might not be thinking of the thousands of accidents involving motorbikes that happen each year. However, being aware of them and how they happen could prevent your own accidents, injuries, and lawsuits. Why do these collisions happen?

Not Being Seen

Many times, motorcyclists aren't responsible for the collisions they get into. In fact, truck and car drivers are mostly to blame. They often do not look carefully enough at their surroundings. Remember, you're not there in a large vehicle but a sliver of a machine. When there are other vehicles on the road, it's not as easy to make out bike riders in a rear-view mirror when compared to tons of metal and lights that car motorists are sitting in. 

For that reason, take many actions to not surprise drivers you're behind and to bring adequate attention to yourself. Avoid weaving between trucks or cars; in mere moments, someone could fail to see your bike until they've hit it. Leave enough room between you and other vehicles.

Road Obstructions

Road dips, wet leaves, and similar problems can catch you unaware and send your bike careening into a truck or car. Be mindful as you roll down the street; city construction or other factors can put potholes, gravel, or oil patches in your path, which could prove dangerous. In such cases, you could be somewhat responsible for striking another vehicle, even though you can possibly prove that the city was also culpable.

High Speeds

Speeding beyond legal limits is never wise when in any vehicle. Motorcycle riders should observe limits for two reasons. For one thing, speeding makes seeing you even harder for other motorists nearby. in addition, your bike might just be unable to handle high road speeds. Some motorcycles are known to begin shaking when speed is too excessive; you can lose control and hurt yourself and others.

Improper Skill

Self-taught bikers are respectable people. But you must be honest in self-assessments and know when you need driving help before your inexperience leads to accidents. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and similar organizations provide basic safety courses where you can brush up or learn safer ways to handle the bike.

Knowing these accident-causing items helps you watch out for them when you're driving. Consider consulting a motorcycle accident attorney for more discussion.