3 Big Reasons To Hire An Personal Injury Attorney After An Accident

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Do you know someone who was recently involved in an accident that wasn't their fault? Are they confused and unsure of how to deal with the insurance company? Being involved in any accident, even a minor one, can be a traumatic experience. This can make it difficult to know how to handle the situation, even days or weeks following the accident. But there is one thing that can help make the entire situation easier: hiring an attorney. While people generally have a few reasons why they're supposedly not interested in hiring an attorney, there are at least as many reasons why they should. These include:

Nothing up front: After an accident, money tends to be tight. There may be many days of missed work and medical co-pays that need to be taken care of. When money is tight, your friend or relative will be understandably reluctant to do anything that might involve spending even more money. Fortunately, hiring a personal injury attorney doesn't cost any money out of pocket. Instead of being paid directly by his or her client, this type of attorney will take his or her fee as a percentage of whatever he or she manages to get for his or her client. If the case happens to be unsuccessful, no money will be owed.

Easier recovery: After being hurt in an accident, many people find themselves having to do things like skipping doctors' appointments because the insurance company called them and they must call back as soon as possible. This can prolong the recovery time, both due to stress and not getting adequate medical care. But when you have a personal injury attorney, all of that is taken care of for you. Your friend or relative will be able to go to his or her various appointments, knowing that his or her attorney is taking care of everything and will only contact him or her if absolutely necessary.

Faster settlement: It can be difficult to get an insurance company to believe that an injury actually took place. Even if they believe that they may not believe that it happened how your friend or relative says. This may be blamed on insurance companies getting dozens or even hundreds of bogus claims filed with them on a regular basis. If they paid everyone who was faking an injury, they'd have no money left to pay people who genuinely deserve it, like your friend or relative. By hiring a personal injury attorney, your friend or relative will instantly elevate their case to more importance. Having an attorney on your side is a good sign that your claims are legitimate, meaning that your friend or relative should get a payout much more quickly than they would if they were alone.