Reasons To Pursue A Personal Injury Suit Against A Home Health Agency

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Home health agencies are in the business of helping people stay independent, but that doesn't mean that issues don't sometimes arise. If you've hired this type of healthcare organization to care for your elderly parent in his or her home, you'd understandably be dismayed to see that there have been some lapses in care. Terminating the agency and hiring a better one is probably going to be your top priority, but considering legal action might be something to pursue once you get things straightened away with your parent's care. A personal injury attorney can review the details of the problems with the home care agency and advise you as to whether there are grounds for a case.

Preventable Fall

People who are elderly can often fall in their homes, and there are certainly times that no one is at fault for such an accident. However, you may feel as though the fall was preventable, but that the negligence of the home care worker contributed to it. For example, if the aide worker didn't respond to your parent's request to get up to use the bathroom, and your parent decided to go to the bathroom himself or herself and ended up falling, this may be a situation to consider a personal injury suit. This is especially true if the fall has resulted in significant medical bills for your family.

Issues from a Lack of Medication

One of the home health aide's responsibilities is to provide medication to your parent when he or she needs it. Without this medication properly administered at a set schedule, your parent may face certain issues. For example, he or she could begin to act in an aggressive manner and end up sustaining an injury. Or your loved one could simply get lightheaded and fall, resulting in an injury. If you can prove that the home care worker didn't provide your parent with the medication, this may be the grounds of the personal injury suit.


Malnourishment is another potential problem that your parent may face at the hands of an unscrupulous home care agency or aide. There are actual costs of malnourishment — for example, your parent could become so weak that he or she falls and ends up needing medical care. However, the other side of personal injury law is pain and suffering, and the emotional pain of being weak and unhealthy from not being fed properly could also be a factor in your parent's situation.

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