Essure – The Birth Control That May Be Poisoning Your Body

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Do you choose Essure as your method of permanent birth control? Have you been suffering since those tiny coils were implanted in your body? Thousands of women have suffered greatly because of the neglect of Bayer, the manufacturing company responsible for this product. Below, you'll learn a little about the complications and what you should do if you have Essure implanted in your body and you're suffering.

What's causing the problems?

Women are suffering from an extensive list of ailments – everything from heavier and more painful periods to overall body aches and autoimmune disorders. Why would these tiny coils cause so many issues? Well, there are three main causes – the nickel used to make the coil, the PET fibers encased by the coil, and the possibility of migration of the coils.

Some women's complications are triggered due to an allergy to nickel. Prior to the device being implanted, women are to be made aware of the use of nickel and tested for allergies.

Other women are suffering from issues caused by inflammation – the inflammation is caused by the PET fibers. The PET fibers are doing exactly what they were designed to do – force scar tissue to quickly grow and seal up the tubes. Unfortunately, the inflammation doesn't stop at the tubes – inflammation begins to occur in all of the joints of the body.

The last issue that many women are dealing with is the fact that these little coils don't always like to stay where they were placed. They have been known to migrate from the tube into the uterus.

What can you do to stop the symptoms?

Many women have undergone hysterectomy surgery to remove the coils from the body. Even after removed, the symptoms can persist and depression can become a serious issue. Some women's bodies do bounce back quickly and many of the symptoms fade, but may never go away entirely.

When do you call a personal injury lawyer?

Today – call the personal injury attorney today! The number of suits filed against Bayer is growing daily. Since this company failed to complete and document proper testing before implanting this device into women everywhere, they are being sued by many women whose lives have been completely disrupted – not to mention what it has done to the entire family. Don't waste time – there are cases being heard soon, and if you wait too long, you may miss the opportunity to make the company that put you through all of this accountable.

You can get your life back – it will be a long road, but in the end, you still have a future to strive to improve upon.