Tips For Maximizing Economic Damages In Your Personal Injury Case

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When one gets injured due to another party's negligence, their ability to earn an income may be affected. Therefore, when filing a personal injury claim, the plaintiff can include economic loss on the damages list. Compensation for economic loss can be as much or as little as you present it to be. Failure to take the right steps after your injury can affect compensation and leave you financially distressed during the recovery period. Therefore, as you file your claim, here are a few tips for maximizing economic damages.

Report All Injuries to Your Doctor

Physical and emotional injuries affect one's ability to perform at their job. Thus, it's essential to report all injuries to your doctor and seek treatment. If you have emotional injuries such as PTSD or anxiety, see a counselor as well. Economic damages are directly tied to your injuries. Therefore, failure to seek adequate treatment can hurt your personal injury case. The other party may downplay your injuries and claim that you haven't suffered substantial economic losses from the injury. 

Take Sick Leave if Employed

The severity of injuries differs depending on the accident. However, it's important to take as much time as possible to recuperate after the accident. Go on sick leave, and have your employer specify the injury as the reason for the leave. If you resume work immediately after the accident, it shows that you suffered little monetary loss. Thus, the other party may have the basis to offer little compensation. Taking sick leave supports your claims for economic loss.

Keep Records of Lost Income

If you are self-employed, you need to keep records of lost income. For example, a freelancer may not be able to attend to clients when nursing injuries. Keep records of all revenues lost because of the injury. Note all current projects you have to turn away due to the injuries. If your injuries are severe and long-term, you can also record any future projects affected by the injuries. 

Document All Work-Related Developments

Are there any work-related changes or developments associated with your injuries? These can support your economic damages. For example, you may have lost your job as a construction worker if you got injured on the site. Other changes include:

With your employer's help, prepare necessary documents outlining these changes and their connection to your injuries. You should receive compensation for any lost opportunities, income, or employment.

Follow these tips to maximize compensation for economic losses suffered after an accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather evidence and negotiate a fair settlement.