Why It's Difficult To Win An Auto Accident Case Without An Attorney

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When you are involved in a car accident, you might think that you will be able to save money by filing an auto accident claim on your own. However, this is not necessarily the case because car accident lawsuits are often very time-consuming and difficult. It's important to know what an auto accident lawsuit entails before you pursue one.

Medical Evidence

An important part of your car accident case is acquiring evidence that you were injured during the accident. You will need to speak with a doctor and will need to have them assess your overall condition. Your doctor can write a letter that can serve as evidence that you are as injured as you claim as a result of the accident.


After you have proven that you were injured, you will then need to calculate your damages. You might be tempted to simply accept a settlement offer so you can get paid as soon as possible. However, if you have ongoing medical expenses, you will want to find out exactly how many damages you have suffered so you won't find yourself unable to pay your bills. 

However, you will also likely suffer other damages such as future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. These can be difficult to calculate without help from an experienced auto accident attorney service. You will usually want to calculate your damages before investigating the crash to determine if it is worthwhile to pursue a settlement. If your damages are minor, it may not be worth the effort to seek compensation.

The Investigation

Without the help of an attorney, you will need to investigate everything that occurred yourself to prove that the other driver was at fault. For example, if you were injured because the other driver changed lanes and crashed into you, it will be necessary to prove that this was the case.

Proving that one driver was liable for damages can be difficult because the other driver might attempt to blame you for the accident. However, you aren't without hope. An accident reconstruction expert can look at the evidence found at the scene of the accident and can testify that the other driver was at fault. However, this is difficult or impossible to do if you attempt to reconstruct the accident on your own. Therefore, you should hire an auto accident attorney when seeking compensation for your injuries after a car accident.