Was The Driver Who Hit Your Vehicle Licensed To Operate A Commercial Truck?

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Truck drivers must follow various regulations, such as obtaining and regularly updating a commercial driver's license. Unfortunately, some trucking companies are lax when checking a driver's license so they can hire enough drivers to complete their routes. As a result, some truck drivers who are not adequately trained are on the road, which might be part of why you end up in an accident. 

Why a Commercial License is Necessary

Operating a commercial truck is very challenging. Trucks are large and slow vehicles. It takes a long time for a truck to come to a stop. They are also difficult to steer. If a driver is not qualified to operate a commercial truck, they might cause a severe accident.

One of the reasons why a commercial driver's license is essential is that it prevents dangerous drivers from remaining on the road. If a driver is involved in an accident or commits serious traffic infractions, they might lose their commercial license. It's also not legal for a commercial driver to operate without a license.

Winning a Truck Accident Case

Commercial trucks are insured by commercial vehicle insurance. These policies are responsible for paying for any accidents for which the truck driver is found liable. The policy limits for commercial vehicle insurance are much higher because of the damage these vehicles can cause. Therefore, commercial insurance providers will want to reduce whatever settlement amount they pay out.

After the accident, the insurance provider will likely arrive to try to scrub the scene of evidence. They will also try to make a lowball offer, hoping you'll accept it without consulting an attorney first. It's essential to ensure that you instead work with a legal professional who can help you build a solid case for why you should be entitled to total compensation for your injuries.

Begin Your Investigation with a Truck Accident Attorney

You might not even know that the truck driver had no commercial license. However, this is something that your auto accident attorney will uncover through the discovery process and will then use the lack of a license as a reason why both the truck driver and their employer should be held liable.

The employer may be liable because they have vicarious liability. In addition to being accountable for injuries caused by their employee, they can also be held responsible for failing to verify that the employee had the appropriate license. They might even face fines if they knowingly allowed an unlicensed driver to operate one of their trucks.

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